Lena Dewar

Lena Dewar is a Dutch musician who plays traditional and new Celtic music on  fiddle and sings in Gaelic.

In 2012, when her husband, Steve Dewar, brought a fiddle home, Lena picked it up immediately and started playing.   After a few,  years Lena started accompanying Scottish and Irish songs with her own compositions and lines. Working together with her husband Lena started singing songs in English and also Gaelic, incorporating the tradition of  Puirt à beul.

Puirt à beul, “tunes from a mouth”, is a traditional form of song native to Scotland that sets Gaelic lyrics to instrumental tune melodies. Historically, they were used to accompany dancing in the absence of instruments and to transmit instrumental tunes orally.  Lena and her husband are playing together in the  band Dewar. They perform as duo and trio with bodhran and cajon in the trio format. For more information about Lena and Dewar you can visit her website http://www.lenadewar.com and Dewar at http://www.dewarmusic.com