Annemarie de Bie

photo: Lieve Bossauw

Annemarie (1979) has been a folk musician since 1999 and is the newest recruit in the band.

She is a singer, plays bodhrán, guitar, flute and whistle and, when pushed, will pretend to play the fiddle. With the Assassenachs Annemarie switches between instruments to complement the sound the boys have cultivated al these years.

Her strong voice weaves into the darker sounds of Steve and Greigs vocals.

Annemarie also adds the flute and whistles to Erik tunes to stir up those dancing juices.

Annemarie is also a member of well known folk band Fling as a singer and instrumentalist. Her websites are  at: Celtann and Fling.

Unable to carry off wearing a kilt due to personal problems, she appears on stage dressed in red as it is less likely to show tomato sauce stains…