The Assassenachs; a dynamic, energetic and diverse Celtic folk band

Since 1998 they have been playing throughout Europe with their exciting take on Celtic folk music and self-written repertoire.  Traditional folk songs are given a new lease of life but retain their authenticity and integrity.  That, mixed with their own unique songs and tunes, makes for a powerful and diverse experience both live and on your stereo.

The band plays music from both sides of the Irish sea, with Steve Dewar (guitar and vocals) from Edinburgh, Scotland and Peter Kelly (bodhrán and vocals) from Dublin, Ireland (worthy replacement of Greig Coutts, who decided to move back to Scotland, and will be a guest member from now on). These Celtic guys, both proud of their traditions and culture, are accompanied by Dutch-born Erik de Jong (accordion and whistles).

Passion, diversity and authenticity are the key words in this band. An Assassenachs show will transport you to many places and times in the Celtic world.  Traditionals, contemporary songs and their own work flow effortlessly through each other.  Ballads, love songs, songs of hard labour, hard times, drinking, fighting,  historical songs, silly songs and not to forget – life in general.   Lest we forget those tunes from both sides of the water- from slow airs to foot-stomping reels to get your feet from the floor.

All-in all the Assassenachs are a unique experience bringing the full spectrum of all that Celtic music has to offer.

On this website you can read about the different members of The Assassenachs, listen to their music and watch videos of live performances.

As you may notice, The Assassenachs are available in different formats (from duo to quartet and beyond, with guest musicians too).   Subject to availability and budget, you can book them in whichever format and line-up you desire.   They can also provide professional Irish/Scotish dancers with or without workshop (see also youtube videos).

So, this versatile and customizable band are up and available for your special event – whether it be birthday party,  company party,  wedding, Irish/Scottish night, festival, ceilidh or just down the pub – The Assassenachs will deliver. In any case, they’re great fun!
We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for on this website. If you have any questions or remarks, Don’t hesitate to contact us through: